April 16-17, 2016

Last week Pope Francis released the document, The Joy of Love, based on the work of last October's Synod on the Family. I was able to download a copy of it soon after and have begun to read the 250+ page report. Even after going through just a few pages, it was very obvious that this is not a document to rush through. The Synod's work covers much ground in addressing the complex world of the family in today's world. You will no doubt be hearing much commentary about this document. I encourage you to get a copy soon and begin to read it. I hope to provide some way for our parish to benefit from the Synod's work. Stay tuned.

From Monday to Wednesday of this coming week, I will be participating in a special event called Amazing Parish. The Archdiocese has called all pastors to attend, along with four others from each parish to participate in a leadership development workshop. Attending with me will be our business manager, Sharon Myers, our pastoral council chair, Julie Garmo, as well as Tom Bassett and Tom Orosz. Fr. Jeremy will be covering for me during the three days that I am gone.