April 22-23, 2017

Welcome Fr. Greg to our parish. We look forward to hearing about Unbound ministry. I am in St. Louis this weekend to celebrate my nephew's wedding and am thankful that Fr. Greg can schedule his work with Unbound on this weekend.

Thanks again to the many volunteers who worked tirelessly to make the parish ready for Easter. We had a number of visitors join us for the Easter masses; all were very impressed by the decoration, participation and music. Speaking of music, the choir performed beautifully throughout Holy Week. Thanks for your dedication and willingness to rehearse so much.

Have you ever wondered who provides our endless supply of altar linen? A very small group of volunteers takes turns washing and carefully ironing our purificators and corporals. We use 20 purificators for the 4 weekend masses, and usually 13 for weekdays. If you would like to enter the rotation and help this group, they would very much appreciate one or two more people. Someone will give you all the instructions you need. Call the parish office and ask for Paula Hillman to get started.

Cleaning the church is a weekly task, and the volunteers who do this work area are asking for two or three people to join them. The work is done on Saturday morning. Again, Paula Hillman can answer any questions you may have.

If you have a family member in need of a hospital visit, I urge you to contact the parish office as soon as possible. Fr. Jeremy and I make it a priority to care for the sick. You can easily leave a message in our voice mail box if the office is unattended when you call.