April 23-24, 2016

Mary Strong, our parish secretary, will be retiring at the end of April. This Sunday, after the 10:00 am mass, we are thanking her for her years of service to the parish with a brunch and reception. It is a small token of gratitude for faithfully serving our parish for so many years. No matter how busy our front office may be, Mary has always calmly and competently kept everything organized and on time.

During the final days of April, Mary will be working with our new parish secretary, Amy Burgin. If all goes as we have planned it, Amy will take over as parish secretary at the beginning of May. Welcome, Amy!

Next weekend we celebrate our parish first communions. During this week, please keep in your prayers our young children who are taking this important step in their Catholic journey of faith. Thanks so much to those who are in charge of preparing our children for this sacrament.