April 5-6, 2014

Last week I finalized arrangements for a new parish photo directory. We have contracted with Lifetouch, a company which offers a quality product and excellent support to parishes wishing to have such a directory. I hope that all of you will participate in this directory and will encourage others in the parish to do so.

An up-to-date pictorial directory can be an asset to this parish in several ways. It will help the new pastor, such as myself, become acquainted on a first-name basis with the parish family. It will also serve to build up a stronger community within the parish, making it easier for those recent and long-term members to know one another. Finally, the directory will be a celebration of who we are at this time in our history.

Sittings for portraits will take place in early June. Formal communications from the company will begin near Easter, along with the dates of the sittings and instructions on how to register for them. Again, you will do me a big favor by including yourself and your family in the directory. As usual, you are under no obligation to purchase anything, and simply by coming for your picture, you will be entitled to the picture and to a copy of the directory.