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December 1-2, 2018

Posted by Sharon Myers on 11/26/18

2018 Advent theme: Bring Him Forth!  In his Letter to All the Faithful, St. Francis invited all Christians to allow God to dwell in our hearts and to “bring him forth” again into the world as we seek to do God’s will. We invite you to pray in that ... Read More »

November 24-25, 2018

Posted by Sharon Myers on 11/15/18

This is a season for a lot of celebration, both in Church and society!  I hope you and your family had a good Thanksgiving! It is one of my favorite holidays since it is such a family based celebration and largely centered around a meal. I hope the spirit ... Read More »

November 17-18, 2018

Posted by Sharon Myers on 11/15/18

I am thrilled to let you know that we are now able to restart our youth ministry program due to the generosity of two people: John Houle and Alan Dsouza. John and Alan have volunteered to gather our junior and senior high students on certain Friday evenings at 6:30 ... Read More »

November 10-11, 2018

Posted by Sharon Myers on 11/07/18

Many of us know each other well, but some of us don’t know each other too well, or let’s face it, at all. We may see each other at mass and other church functions, but often do not know each other’s names or much else about one another. Often ... Read More »

November 3-4, 2018

Posted by Sharon Myers on 11/01/18

Each week we list the names of parishioners who have experienced some illness and we are invited to pray for them. I think this is a beautiful thing, and invites us to a sense of community, support, and solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are ill and may ... Read More »