August 13-14, 2016

We had a great parish picnic last Sunday. It was a fitting way to end our week of mercy. Thanks to all our volunteers, especially the Mens Club and the K of C for their help in setting up and cleaning up. Everyone there enjoyed the free concert from the Motor City Brass Band too. If you missed the performance, you will have another chance to hear them play in our hall next winter. Assumption on a holy day this year.

The high point of our week of mercy was the Tuesday evening celebration of St. Mary of the Angels. The next day, I found an article about Pope Francis' own celebration of the feast in the basilica near Assisi. I wanted to share some of his words with you:

"Dear brothers and sisters, the pardon of which Saint Francis made himself a "channel" here at the Portiuncola continues to "bring forth heaven" even after eight centuries. In this Holy Year of Mercy, it becomes ever clearer that the path of forgiveness can truly renew the Church and the world. To offer today's world the witness of mercy is a task from which none of us can feel exempted. The world needs forgiveness; too many people are caught up in resentment and harbor hatred, because they are incapable of forgiving. They ruin their own lives and the lives of those around them rather than finding the joy of serenity and peace. Let us ask Saint Francis to intercede for us, so that we may always be humble signs of forgiveness and channels of mercy."

This Monday is the Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary. Since it falls on a Monday this year, the obligation to celebrate it as a Holy Day is lifted. Our noon mass will honor this solemnity, but we will not have an extra mass that evening.