August 16-17, 2014

First of all, I am happy to be back here after a relaxing vacation and renewing retreat. Fr. Jeremy is now on his vacation, recovering from all the extra duties that he took on while I was gone. Fr. Bob Weakley OFM, former pastor, enjoyed coming back to lend a hand.

I returned in time to enjoy our annual parish picnic last Sunday. Thanks to our staff and all the volunteers who made it run so smoothly. We closed the picnic with a moment of prayer and blessing for the new outdoor Stations of the Cross. Alex Mayes designed the stations and coordinated those who worked to put them in place. Thank you Alex, and members of the K of C and the Mens Club, and all others who pitched in to help Alex. Soon we hope to celebrate his Eagle rank in the Boy Scouts! All are welcome to pray the stations. They are clearly marked at the north end of the property.

This year we are making an extra effort to increase our parish participation in the Catholic Services Appeal. We have pledges towards 67% of our goal, which is $46,027.00. If you haven't turned in your pledge card yet, you will be receiving a telephone call from Milito Associates, a respected telephone fund raising service. I hope that a final effort on our part will move us closer to our goal (which, by the way, is lower than last year.)