August 3-4, 2019

Jul 29, 2019


Though the official feast day is August 6, we are celebrating today our patronal feast, the Feast of the Transfiguration of Jesus. This was an experience where Jesus took his disciples Peter, James, and John up to Mt. Tabor to pray. There Jesus and his disciples had a powerful spiritual experience. Jesus’ body reflected his divinity in a way they had never seen before: his face glowed and his clothing radiated. His “true colors,” his full identity were breaking forth. They saw him standing with Moses and Elijah, which symbolized to them how he had fulfilled everything their people hoped for; how he fulfilled everything promised in the Old Testament Law and Prophets. The disciples, though confused, relished this moment of grace; they wanted to stay there forever! They heard the voice of God declare -- the same Voice that spoke and the same message that was given at his Baptism – that Jesus was God’s beloved Son, and that they would do well to listen to him. And with that, this moment of extraordinary revelation passed. They were no doubt in wonderment as they silently pondered what this moment of grace meant, but clearly something new had been “unleashed” in this experience. 

What might it mean for us to have this experience as our patron, our title? Perhaps it may mean that we need to be a place of deep and powerful prayer. Perhaps it may mean that we should be a community where Jesus is manifested and revealed in some special way. Perhaps it may mean that we should be a place where people want to come and stay because they are experiencing a special presence of God: “Master, it is good that we are here.” Perhaps it may mean that we are a community that listens deeply. Perhaps it may mean that we are a place where people learn about their identity and hear the good news that they, too, are God’s beloved sons and daughters. 

We are blessed to be the Church of the Transfiguration, and to take something of our identity and mission. Form this experience in the life of Jesus. I invite you to take a moment today to pray for our parish and your fellow parishioners as we strive to “unleash” and live our call. Perhaps specifically praying for the parish or some particular parishioner(s) could become part of your regular prayer? Happy feast and we hope you enjoy the picnic with your fellow parishioners! 

Fr. Jeff