August 8-9, 2015

I hope to see many of you at our parish picnic this Sunday afternoon. This is the only event where the entire parish can come together and enjoy each other's company, and meet fellow parishioners whose paths rarely cross our own. The parish office will be closed on Monday for post-picnic clean-up.

Next Sunday after the noon mass Fr. Jeremy and I will lead a tour of our parish church. The tour will cover the history and meaning of the sacred objects we have become so familiar with. Our church contains so many beautiful features which are meant to help us arrive at a deeper appreciation of our faith. Fr. Jeremy and I see the tour as an opportunity to evangelize too. I encourage you to invite a friend or family member who is seeking to connect with our Catholic faith to join you in the tour.

The Christlife program will resume in late September with part three of the series: Sharing Christ. Those of you who participated in the first two parts will be hearing from us soon about this final series. The Sharing Christ sessions are designed to teach participants some practical ways to share our faith (such as bringing someone to a church tour!). The entire three series of Discovering, Following, and Sharing Christ will be offered again, beginning in late January or early February of 2016.

Bro. Phil, who is always so helpful to the parish and the friary, will be heading to California to attend a conference for Franciscan brothers. He will stay there to enjoy some well-earned vacation time and will be back on August 20.