December 13-14, 2014

Do you remember taking the short survey last month? I am just beginning to sort through all the responses, all 480 of them. Not everyone completed the survey, so when I list the totals, the number does not always add up to 480.

To give you a sample of responses, the first questions regarding being Catholic and/or registered revealed 336 Catholic and registered, 130 Catholic but not registered, and 13 non-Catholics attending mass that weekend. According to the survey results, women outnumbered men on the weekend of the survey: 271 to 198. There is more to come. Our staff discussed some of the preliminary numbers last week. All agreed that the information will be helpful for pastoral planning.

An information meeting for the Christlife faith renewal program will be held on this coming Monday evening at 7:00pm in the Duns Scotus meeting room. Several indicated some interest in the program through our fall Time and Talent survey. This meeting is for them, and for anyone else who would like to find out more about Christlife.

Don't forget our parish/vicariate Reconciliation service this Wednesday evening at 7:00pm. We will have a second priest helping out at the usual Tuesday and Saturday confession schedule, leading up to Christmas. The last opportunity to receive this sacrament before Christmas will be December 23, beginning at 10:30am.