December 20, 2020

“Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word."  Luke 1:38a

 What does it mean to be a “handmaid of the Lord?” The word “handmaid” means “servant.”
 And Mary identifies herself as a servant. Specifically, a servant of the Lord. Throughout history, 
some “handmaids” were slaves without any rights whatsoever. They were
property of their owners and were required to do what they were
told. In other times and cultures, a handmaid was a servant more
by choice, enjoying certain rights. However, all handmaids are inferiors serving a superior.
 Our Blessed Mother, however, is a brand new type of handmaid.
Why? Because the one she was called to serve was the Most Holy
Trinity. She was certainly an inferior serving one who is superior.
But when the one you perfectly serve has perfect love for you, and
directs you in ways that edify you, elevate your dignity, and transform you in holiness,  not only
not only then it is wise beyond description to serve this superior but to freely become a slave, lowering yourself
as deeply as possible before such a superior. There should be no hesitation in this depth of servitude!
 Our Blessed Mother’s servitude, therefore, is new in that it is
the most radical form of servitude, but it is also freely chosen. And
the reciprocal effect upon her from the Most Holy Trinity was to
direct all her thoughts and actions, all her passions and desires and
every single part of her life to glory, fulfillment and holiness of
life. We must learn from the wisdom and actions of our Blessed
Mother. She submitted her life completely to the Most Holy Trinity,
not only for her own good but also to set an example for each one of
us. Our deepest and daily prayer must become that of hers: “I am
the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your
word.” Following her example will not only deeply unite us with our
Triune God, but it will also have a similar effect upon us by making us instruments of the Savior of the World. We will become His “mother” in the sense that we will bring
Jesus into our world for others. What a glorious calling we have been given to imitate this most holy
Mother of God.
 Reflect, today, upon your call to pray this prayer of our Blessed Mother. Reflect upon the words, consider the meaning of this prayer, and strive to make it your own prayer today and every day. Imitate
her, and you will begin to more fully share in her glorious life of grace.
 Dearest Mother Mary, pray for me that I may imitate your perfect “Yes” to the Most Holy Trinity. May
your prayer become my prayer, and may the effects of your surrender as a handmaid of the Lord also affect my life profoundly. Lord, Jesus, may Your perfect will, in union with the will of the Father and the
Holy Spirit, be done in my life today and always. Jesus, I trust in You.

~Taken from website: My Catholic Life
          Fr. Jeff