December 26-27, 2015

The calendar year is coming to a close this week. On Friday we begin a new year with the celebration of Mary the Mother of God. Please join us at our vigil mass on Thursday evening at 4:30pm, or at our 10:00am mass on Friday.

Our Archbishop, Allen Vigneron, has written to the priests of the Archdiocese of Detroit regarding two important issues in the current political, and public, discourse— a restriction on Muslim immigrants entering the United States, and protection of religious liberties for all Americans. He has shared his correspondence with the Imams Council of Michigan. Even though the events which prompted this statement took place earlier this month, I wanted to make his comments available to you, since these issues will be with us for a long time.

"In light of a public proposal put forth recently to restrict the immigration of Muslims into the United States based on their religion, I thought it would be helpful to remind everyone of the Catholic teaching regarding Islam. Fifty years ago, the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council taught that the Catholic Church treats with respect those who practice the religion of Islam. And for these past fifty years, Catholics and Muslims in southeastern Michigan have enjoyed warm relations marked by a spirit of mutual respect and esteem. While the Catholic Church refrains from weighing in for or against individual candidates for a particular political office, the Church does and should speak to the morality of this important and far-reaching issue of religious liberty. Especially as our political discourse addresses the very real concerns about the security of our country, our families, and our values, we need to remember that religious rights are a cornerstone of these values. Restricting or sacrificing these religious rights and liberties out of fear – instead of defending them and protecting them in the name of mutual respect and justice – is a rationalization which fractures the very foundation of morality on which we stand. This also threatens the foundation of religious liberty that makes it possible for us to freely practice our faith. These are not only Catholic sentiments on these issues; these, I believe, are the sentiments of all Americans."