December 6-7, 2014

We are happy to welcome Fr. Joe Hund, OFM to Transfiguration Friary in mid-December. He has finished a mission assignment in Namibia and will be taking a Sabbatical, and living here during this time. In June he will become pastor at our parish in Lafayette, LA. In the meantime Fr. Joe will attend various programs, and so be in and out for several months.

We are happy to welcome Bro. Eric back from Montreal. He would have returned earlier, but the blizzard in Buffalo delayed the mail delivery of his visa. Lets give him a few days to adjust from speaking French to speaking English again! He is eager to rejoin us and continue his work in the parish.

The final organizational meeting for our new St. Vincent de Paul conference takes place this Wednesday evening. It is not to late join. Members will receive training on procedures that are followed in helping the needy. The conference goes active in January.

Monday, December 8 is the solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, a holy day of obligation. In addition to our regular noon mass, we have mass at 7:00pm. Our Advent parish reconciliation will take place on the 17th of December. It begins at 7:00pm. We join with La Sallette, Our Lady of the Albanians, and with Our Mother of Perpetual Help parish. Priests from these parishes are invited to help us hear confessions.

I've become aware recently of someone in our parish who needs gluten-free hosts for communinion. I am working out a way to provide this special kind of host for those with celiac disease. If you suffer from this condition, please let me know. I will explain to the parish soon how we will accomodate your needs.