We have been journeying together these last forty days through the season of Lent. It has been an opportunity for us to deepen our encounter with the Lord Jesus. The stories we read in the Scriptures spoke to this experience to: the Hebrews journeying in the desert, Paul sharing his experience of meeting the Lord with the early Christians, Jesus in the desert, Jesus transfigured on Mt. Tabor, the woman caught in adultery, etc. The Easter season now continues for fifty days with new opportunities to encounter the Risen Lord. Mary Magdalen met him in the garden; Thomas was invited to touch his wounds; Jesus appeared to many before he returned to his Father and sends the Spirit. Where might you meet him? Archbishop Vigneron, in his pastoral letter Unleash the Gospel has written “Encounter / Grow / Witness is the threefold process for evangelization that has proven its worth in our local church and will be our paradigm as we go forward in Unleashing the Gospel. Every person in the Archdiocese is called to encounter Jesus anew, to grow daily as his disciple, and to give witness to the power of his mercy.” I pray that you and your family will be greatly blessed during this Easter season, and respond generously to the opportunities we have to encounter, grow, and witness! Happy Easter!

Fr. Jeff