February 23-24, 2019


At the 10:00 Mass this weekend we are celebrating a ceremony called the “Rite of Sending.” This is a ceremony where this faith community formally sends it candidates for initiation into the Church at the Easter Vigil to the Cathedral where one of our Bishops will “choose” them, based upon the testimony of their catechists, for the Easter sacraments. Currently we call them “catechumens;” after the “Rite of Election” they will be called “Elect.” I am grateful to our catechists, Mike Dillion, Sr. Gemma Legal, and Bob Darwood for accompanying Madison Jeanes, Janelle Jones, and Sydney Mills-Gomez. During Lent they will periodically come before the community for more special ceremonies.

At this same mass we are also presenting those engaged couples who are preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage in the coming months. We have a special of reflection for them today. 

Patrick Cahoon and Kionna Harris will marry on June 9, 2019; Patrick Badgero and Amanda Nunnold will marry on July 27, 2019; Lou Zednik and Toni Rose Arceno will marry on September 28, 2019. We congratulate them and wish to support and encourage them with our prayer. We are grateful that they will be signs and sacraments of God’s unconditional love in our community. I am also grateful to Ryan and Monica Cousino for accompanying them and their mentor couples during this time of preparations. 

These celebrations are signs of the vitality of our faith community. May God bless all these persons of their faith journey.

 Fr. Jeff