February 28, 2021

Second Sunday of Lent

Jesus took Peter, James and John on a journey up Mt. Tabor. It’s a long and steep walk. There the disciples had an epiphany, a revelation about Jesus. His clothes became bright and they saw him standing with Moses and Elijah. A frightening event at first, but soon a voice was heard proclaiming Jesus to be God’s beloved son. Overcome with joy and ecstasy, Peter proclaimed how good it was to be there with Jesus. They wanted to stay there forever! But the extraordinary signs disappeared, and they journeyed down the mountain trying to figure out what all this meant.

Joseph probably had moments when he knew that Jesus was extraordinary, that he was different and special. There were probably moments when that specialness radiated out of Jesus. Did Joseph fully understand? Coming to understand his son was probably a journey. Seeing Jesus grow in wisdom and grace and age must have brought him moments of joy. He most likely remembered the dreams he had around the birth of Jesus. Did the dreams continue? Why had God chosen him for this awesome task? How good God was to give him the gift of rearing Jesus.

What deep inner good news is God trying to reveal to you this Lent? Are you hearing any Voice reminding you that you are God’s beloved? Are you able to stand in awe before the mystery of God’s action in your life? Maybe St. Joseph can walk with you, and be your guide, as one who pondered, praised, and rejoiced.