January 14-15, 2017

Our pastoral council meeting this coming Monday will continue a discussion about our spiritual theme for 2017. At our November meeting, the council proposed that we follow up the Year of Mercy with another guiding theme to enrich our parish spiritual life. The council wanted this theme to connect with the November Synod on Evangelization. The following phrase captured the message of the synod: becoming a joyful band of missionary disciples.

This phrase came from the novena prayer we said in the days leading up to the Synod. Our parish commissions: Education, Christian Service, Worship and Discipleship, are being asked to develop activities to help us live into this challenging theme. From time to time I will offer reflections on how we can be missionary disciples.

Archbishop Vigneron will be sharing the fruits of the Synod when we reach the feast of Pentecost. I think we would do well to begin right now to ready our hearts to receive his message and direct our parish activities along these lines.