July 13-14, 2019

A couple of weeks ago, the Friars returned the pastoral care of St. Aloysius Parish in downtown Detroit to the care of the Archdiocese. That means that the Franciscan Friars will no longer staff the parish. A diocesan priest has been assigned as pastor beginning July 1. As a result of that change, a new friar who had been living in that community and assisting in the outreach ministry there has been assigned to our community, Br. Ed Gura. Br. Ed is from the Detroit area, and will be working primarily in the Franciscan Outreach Program, assisting John Grden. Br. Ed is a nurse by training, and he worked for many years in an Intensive Care Unit in Hazard, Kentucky. He is taking a break from that ministry. He will also be assisting his elderly parents from time to time. We welcome Br. Ed to our Transfiguration family. 

You may also see Fr. Loren Connell from time to time, but you probably won’t see too much of him! Fr. Loren was the pastor of St. Aloysius and has been granted a 6 month sabbatical, and Fr. Loren is making Transfiguration his “home base” until the end of the year, at which point he will receive a new assignment. He will be travelling and taking some renewal programs, but he may preside at mass on one or the other of the few days he is here. We welcome Fr. Loren to our Transfiguration family for the summer and fall. 

Fr. Jeff