July 15-16, 2018

Two weeks ago I shared with you the first three goals and strategies from the plan endorsed by the Pastoral Council. Last week I shared goals 4-6. Today I share the last three goals, 7-9. These ideas emerged from the Listening Sessions and the discussion of my summary by the Commissions and Pastoral Council. We hope that these ideas will help us move toward a vibrant future for our Parish. Through we are still on the job during the summer, and will be giving these attention, we will give them fresh energy in the fall. We invite you to pray over these ideas and think about how you might be able to participate and promote these goals. 

Goal 7: To evangelize and move from “maintenance to mission” 

1) We will encourage parishioners to invite people to our church


2) We will implement the initiative and mandates of the AOD regarding Unleash the Gospel


3) We will establish a) intercessory and b) leadership teams as required by the AOD


4) We will participate in the Amazing Parish process



Goal 8: We will promote religious and priestly vocations 

1) We will celebrate the religious women who are parishioners


2) We will invite the Franciscan Vocation Director/Young Religious


3) We will invite parishioners to encourage particular people to consider a vocation


4) The Friars will invite interested young men to prayer and dinner



Goal 9: To promote Social Justice committee 

1) We will establish a Social Justice committee.


2) We will provide opportunities for advocacy that comes from the MCC or USCCB

(Staff/Social Justice) 

3) We will have input on Catholic Social Teaching

(Staff/Education/Christian Service) 

4) We will cooperate with ecumenical or interfaith actions for Social Justice

(Staff/Christian Service/Social Justice) 

Thanks for all you are doing to make this a vibrant and vital parish community!

 Fr. Jeff