July 18-19, 2015

I had an enjoyable vacation, which included a wedding in Illinois and a family reunion and a family reunion in Wisconsin. Through all the miles of travel, you were never very far away in my thoughts. I appreciate the extra work that Fr. Jeremy and Bro. Phil took on while I was gone.

The world does not stand still while one enjoys some time away from work. The Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage was announced shortly after I left on vacation. I spent a lot of time reflecting on how this change will affect the lives of faithful Catholics. I read a number of official church responses to the ruling, including the one from the Michigan Catholic Conference which we printed in the bulletin.

I realized how important it will be for the Church not to lose perspective. The Church has spent most of its existence holding to truths and practices that are in tension with the particular society it finds herself in. That tension can be intense and discomforting at times, but that same tension ought not place the believer in a defensive position. If anything, our witness to the value of Christian marriage should become clearer.

The bishops of Michigan have made available some helpful resources on their website. You can find them here: (Paula, they were announced a few months ago. Could you find the link and put it here?) now that the Supreme Court has brought the marriage debate to center stage, it is important for us to affirm what the Catholic Church teaches on marriage.