July 26-27, 2014

From Fr. Jeremy:
Our beloved pastor Fr. Bill asked me to write his bulletin message while he is on a well-deserved vacation and retreat. He also suggested I might introduce “Our Doors Are Open Welcome” initiative for returning Catholics and anyone interested in becoming Catholic.
Don’t we all have friends and relatives who no longer come to Mass? Studies show that about one out of three Americans raised Catholic are no longer practicing. How many of these are in Southfield? God touches hearts but through us reaches out to others.
Why now? Pope Francis gives us a special opportunity. Everybody sees him in the media. People of all faiths or none take new hope. He reaches out to everyone. His style is to listen before rushing to judgment. Regarding those who no longer come to Mass he says: Some have “deep sincere faith, expressing it in different ways.” Of others he says they may be “quietly seeking God.”
But Pope Francis wants action. “We cannot leave things as they presently are.” We must “go out to others, seek those who have fallen away.”
Here at Transfiguration how can we reach out to returning Catholic and to anyone who is interested in becoming a Catholic? I welcome your ideas, suggestions and stories. I’ll suggest some possible approaches in the next two bulletins and on our website Transfigsfld. com. If there is enough interest, we’ll have a “Returning Catholic” group like some other parishes. My email is [email protected] and our RCIA director Mike Dillon’s is [email protected]
Note that we are having a special Mass for the Franciscan feast of the Portiuncula on Saturday, August 2 at 8:00 a.m. At that little chapel dedicated to Mary is the cradle of the Franciscan movement. It is precious to Secular Franciscans, to Sisters and Brother. The first followers of St. Francis came to the Portiuncula, here St. Clare was received, and here St. Francis died. All are welcome for the Mass and to gain the Portiuncula Indulgence. There’s more information in this bulletin and our website Transfigsfld.org. Peace!