July 28-29, 2018

Last week I thanked those who clean the church, launder our altar linens, and weed our gardens. Today I would like to thank another group of generous parishioners whose ministry also often goes unnoticed. These generous ministers, on a rotating basis, lead weekly communion services at local nursing homes, usually on Saturday mornings. Since it is often difficult for the residents of nursing homes to get out and come to church, this is an opportunity for them to pray together, hear the Scriptures, receive communion, and be connected with the wider church. 

Lahser Hills is served by Angela Rankin-Yohannes, Barry Parmeter and Maher Shooni, Peggy O’Dea and Colleen Bassett, Sr. Ellen Burke, Sheila Salone, Lucy Leigh, and Mary Martinen. 

Lakeland Center is served by Maher Shooni and Barry Parmeter, Peggy O’Dea and Colleen Bassett, Diane Aman, and Sr. Ellen Burke. Jane Loiselle and Evelyn Young recently served there, but are no longer able to do so. 

Franklin Terrace is served by Sheila Fallon, Michael and Kay Sweeney, Gerald Rattenbury and Debbie Eagenwest. 

Evergreen Nursing Home is served by Marge Ahern. 

You probably noticed, too, that at most masses some people come forward after communion to take communion to family members or other homebound parishioners who cannot join us. We are grateful to these folks, too. If you know of someone who would like to receive communion (even temporarily) but is unable to join us, please let us know. Our parish is grateful to all these ministers for their kindness, compassion, and willingness to share the Good News and communion with those in local nursing homes. If anyone would like to be part of this ministry, you would be most welcome. Please contact Paula Hillman at the parish office. 

Fr. Jeff