July 7-8, 2018

Last week I shared with you the first three goals and strategies from the plan endorsed by the Pastoral Council. Today I share goals 4-6. These ideas emerged from the Listening Sessions and the discussion of my summary by the Commissions and Pastoral Council. We hope that these ideas will help us move toward a vibrant future for our Parish. Though we are still on the job during the summer, and will be giving these attentions, we will give them fresh attention in the fall. We invite you to pray over these ideas and think about how you might be able to participate and promote these goals. 

Goal 4: To strengthen our religious education programs 

1) We will review the scheduling of RE classes for children.


2) We will provide more opportunities for adult education.


3) We will provide a program for those wishing to join the Church.


4) We will provide a program for “returning” Catholics.


Goal 5: To respond to the needs of our diverse community. 

1) We will continue “listening sessions” as needed or desired.


2) We will connect young adults with appropriate programs


3) We will continue an outreach to Lawrence Technological University


4) We will establish a “Senior Activities Committee”


Goal 6: To enrich and deepen our encounter with Lord 

1) We will provide prayerful opportunities: a mission in Lent, retreat

days, renewal program, etc.


2) We will promote small faith sharing groups in the fall of 2018.


3) We will promote adoration and St. Anthony Devotions


4) We will provide engaging music and well prepared homilies.


Thanks for all you do to help make this a vibrant and vital parish!

Fr. Jeff