June 18-19, 2016

 Vacation Bible School is July 11-15. Cave Quest—Following Jesus the Light of the World is a great opportunity for your children or grandchildren to learn more about Jesus Take a moment to think of other children who would profit from this blessing --a neighbor's children, a cousin's, a co worker's Check with their parents and invite them. Young people can volunteer to help.
The weekend of June 26 our youth group will be raising funds for their mission trip in July.
Your inspiring and moving stories of mercy have been running in the bulletin since the start of the Year of Mercy in December, 2015. Thanks to all of you who have shared how you experienced God's mercy and the angels of mercy God sent into your lives. Reviewing your life and reflecting on God's mercy to you is a good prayer. The Blessed Mother shares in her Magnificat—"the almighty has done great things for me." E-mail your stories to [email protected] or drop them off at the office. Share your blessings!
Thanks for your welcome to Fr. Tom Carroll and your contributions to his school in Eastern Kentucky. Blessings on all those who participated in the Blood Drive sponsored by the Knights of Columbus. You are giving people!