June 4-5, 2016

Fr. Jeremy will be away this week, attending a fraternal gathering of the southwest Franciscans in Albuquerque. The meeting will be very similar to the one that we just finished last week, but for another province of Franciscans. When he comes back, it will be my turn to travel: first to a meeting of friars from all parts of the USA to explore a proposed merger of provinces, and then to celebrate my sister's 40th wedding anniversary in Florida.
This weekend we welcome Bishop Walter Hurley to the 10:00 am confirmation mass. I want to thank those who helped prepare our four young people for this important sacrament, especially John Houle who was their primary catechist. As I have said before, their formation as young disciples (and ours as older ones) never ends. We can best help them grow as followers of Jesus by consciously and commitedly being good disciples ourselves!