March 17-18, 2018

The last official census of the parish was made just after the merger and creation of the new parish in 2010. It is recommended that parishes update their records every few years, so we will be doing that soon. We will be asking ALL parishioners to fill out the registration form, even if you are a long time parishioner or even have just recently come to the parish and filled out a form. Having up to date records helps us to serve you better and to stay in contact with you and we know that information changes from time to time. Sometimes people think they are registered, but we do not have your contact information. 

The form will give you the opportunity to express interest in some of the things that are happening in the parish. These list (mostly) things that are already happening in the parish. But we are open to growth and new ideas as things move forward. If you have an idea and energy to help make it happen, let us know. It is always good if the service fits with some talent or skill you have. Marking an item will not commit you to participation, but will allow us to share more information with you about that ministry or opportunity. Please mark the item even if you are already participating, since that will allow us to have complete lists. 

We are sometimes in need of various skills for “ad hoc” projects (e.g., computer, website, office help, photography, cleaning, fix up projects, driving, gardening, telephoning, etc.) Let us know of your talents and skills. If you are willing to share them with us on an occasional basis, we can call you when a need arises. 

Please be assured that all the information you share is kept confidential and for pastoral use only. It is only shared with appropriate persons in the parish. 

We have recently become aware of a service that will allow us to send periodic texts and/or emails to all parishioners, enabling us to remind you from time to time of an upcoming event, send an inspirational message, or to notify you of a cancellation. We hope you will allow us to contact you. We promise not to be too pesty! You can join right now by texting good2Bhere to 84576. (The joining message is an adaption of the apostles’ exclamation at the Transfiguration, “Lord it is good that we are here.”) It is good that we are here together! We are grateful for all the people that makeup this wonderful parish, and grateful to have you as part of our parish family. Thanks for sharing yourself, your time, your talent, and your resources. 

Fr. Jeff