March 9-10, 2019

I have a number of items to share with you this weekend. 

First, I will be away on retreat this week from Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon. I would appreciate your prayer support, and I promise to pray for all of you as well. 

We are seeking nominations for Pastoral Council and our various commissions. You can nominate yourself or someone else. If you nominate another person, I will call them to see if they are willing to be considered. 

You have probably noticed that members of various parish groups have volunteered to be at the welcome desk before and after each mass to respond to any questions or concerns that a parishioner might have.  If anyone who is not part of some parish group would like to participate in the ministry, we would welcome you. You can volunteer by calling the office and letting us know which mass you could be available for. It’s not difficult; we will let you know everything you need to know! 

A couple of weeks ago there was a flier in the bulletin suggesting we celebrate our heritage by remembering the history and memories of the four parishes that merged to create Transfiguration. I was looking for a committee of two people from people who worshiped at those parishes to help plan something for July. So far no one has come forward, so I am guessing it is not a good or opportune idea? 

We recently tried to clean up the Flocknote database. If you were receiving emails from the Parish and no longer are but would like to, text good2Bhere to 84576. 

Several people have come forward to form an Intercessory Prayer Group. They are just beginning to establish and organize themselves, but their purpose is to pray intentionally for the parish staff, organizations, and parishioners! I am grateful for their generosity and prayer support. 

During Lent this year you will have an opportunity to pray for another parishioner and be prayed for by name. If you are interested in being prayed for, write your name on one of the cards provided and drop it in the basket. If you are interested in praying for someone, you take a card from the basket. If desired, you can contact that person at the end of Lent. 

I hope you will consider participating in the Day of Reflection and Renewal From ChristLife to Unleash the Gospel on March 16, planned by the Evangelization Committee and the Parish Mission with Auxiliary Bishop of New Orleans Ferd Cheri, OFM on April 1-3, 7-8:30 pm. We will be looking for people to assist with the Parish Mission as greeters, ushers, parking lot attendants, etc. We will be grateful for any help you can give. Look for a signup sheet soon. 

Fr. Jeff