May 2-3, 2015

Congratulations to Isaiah and Matthew who celebrate their first communion at the 10:00am mass. They are giving to us an important witness about the Blessed Sacrament which we all need to take to heart. Their first sacramental encounter with the Body and Blood of Christ can lead us back in time to our own first encounter. I hope that a love for the Eucharist will be renewed in the hearts of all our parishioners today.

Looking ahead, at the end of the month the Church remembers the day of Pentecost, this year falling on Memorial Day weekend. The power of the Holy Spirit began to move the the first believers outward into the world, defining once and for all the four marks of the Church: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic. The last of these marks, "apostolic", is reflected in the evangelization activities we see growing in our archdiocese. We have prayed together for a new Pentecost for many months. I hope that these prayers will bear much fruit in our archdiocese.

At the 10:00am mass on May 24th our parish invokes the Holy Spirit in the selection of pastoral council representatives and commission members. In late April we provided nomination forms for these positions in the weekly bulletin. Nominations close on Monday, May 4th. If you haven't submitted a name, please do so today.