May 24, 2020

After a long hiatus, we are once again able to gather for public worship, with some limitations and modifications. We will all have to make many sacrifices and adjustments. Hopefully most of these will be temporary!

Parking Lot

First of all, to make matters even more complicated, we will be repaving out parking lot beginning Tuesday, May 26th. For about a month, parking is limited to the front “school” lot near the Duns Scotus Room and the larger parking lot directly across Code Road. Everything else (near the handicap entrance, the ballfield, and the bell tower) will be under construction.

Mass Obligation

· The obligation to attend mass has been suspended through Sunday, September 6.

· The obligation to attend begins again on Sunday, September 13.

· All other non-liturgical parish events are still suspended.

· Those who are above age 65 with compromised health, or those caring for the sick are encouraged to stay home. Anyone who is ill should surely stay home!

Mass Schedule - Public masses will begin here Friday, May 29, with the 12:00 Noon mass.

We are not resuming the regular Sunday schedule at this time; we are assuming a smaller congregation since some people, due to age or infirmity and the removal of the obligation, will be remaining at home and joining us online. As we see how attendance is working out, we may adjust the schedule. We will discern a permanent schedule during the summer.

Beginning May 30/31 masses will be Saturday, 4:30 PM, and Sunday, 8:30 AM, and 11:00 AM

· Weekday masses (Monday - Friday) will be at 12:00 Noon.

· All weekday masses and the 11:00 AM Sunday mass will continue to be livestreamed on our Facebook page.

· Until May 29, we will continue to livestream an 8:00 AM mass Monday - Friday, and a 10:00 AM mass on Sunday.

Limitations on the size of gatherings

For the time being, we are limited to 25% of the seating capacity of the space for any mass. For us that means:

  • 75 people may gather in Church on weekdays and weekends
  • 50 people may gather in the hall on weekend masses  (That is a total of 125 people at each weekend mass)

This will be a challenge to manage, but again we trust in your cooperation. This is the first part of a letter sent to all parishioners, put on our website and Facebook page. We ask you to please read the whole letter. Thanks for your cooperation, as we begin to celebrate Eucharist again, keeping all as safe as possible.

Fr. Jeff