November 12-13, 2016

We are entering into the final week of the Holy Year of Mercy. Looking back over this past year, I find that my own spirit was touched by the recurring and persistent call to accept and to give mercy. I hope that the practice of mercy has taken root in all of us. Did this year bring anything new into our lives? Or did we grow tired of hearing the word repeated so many times? I become more aware of how our words of worship so frequently celebrate the mercy of God.

After November 20th, we don't retire the word or check it off as a task accomplished. I pray that the mercy of God has become a permanent resident in our hearts. I also pray that our country, now under new leadership, will grow in the practice of mercy, in respect for life, and governs in a way that secures "liberty and justice for all."

At the end of the week the Synod begins. Did you notice the picture of one of our parishioners, Grace Bostic, on the front page of the Michigan Catholic last week? She is our representative to the Synod. Please pray for her and for all the other members of the Synod that their work will bear fruit in the years to come.