November 22-23, 2014

I've set aside this weekend to give you a year-end summary of our parish. As I talk, I would appreciate very much if you would fill in the quick survey that you will find in the pew. The survey will make you use the pencil only seven times. It is completely anonymous, and it requires only one answer per question. Although the questions may seem random, the composite answers will help me and our parish staff to use the time we have together more effectively. Also, the results will give me several future bulletin topics!

The feast of Christ the King reminds us of the all things must come to an end. There will be no more episodes, no more "to be continued..." This is a hard but necessary reminder to us who live in a society which eagerly awaits the next model, the next installment, the next upgrade. Those who believe in Jesus do not become gloomy, however. We have hope that the grace of God will prevail over our distracted hearts. Let us see this feast as a new beginning and a rededication of our time in this world "so that God may be all in all."