November 26-27, 2016

Today is the first Sunday of Advent and the beginning of a new year of worship. We will hear from the gospel of Matthew on most Sundays in this cycle. Why not begin Advent by coming to our Thursday evening bible study with Sr. Helen Therese Bodziak? This group does a prayerful study of the coming Sunday's readings, and it helps the participants to gain more out of the Sunday mass. Along the way, they come to understand how the four gospels are quite distinct from one another, each with its own appreciation of Jesus.

The Franciscan have provided an Advent reflection booklet to the parish, free of charge. It is small enough to keep in your pocket or purse, and will help you to stay in tune with the spirit of the Advent season. You'll find these booklets in the gathering room. Please take one.

We have gluten-free hosts available for those who need them. Here is the procedure: stop by the vesting sacristry in the back of church at least 10 minutes before mass. Fr. Jeremy or myself will give you a pyx and let you place one of the special hosts in the pyx. It will be placed on the altar for consecration, apart from the pyxes with hosts for the homebound. Remember to be in the line where the priest is distributing the hosts, and tell him quietly that you are receiving the gluten-free host. He will bring the pyx to you to receive communion. (Be aware that a visiting priest may not be familiar with this procedure.)