November 3-4, 2018

Each week we list the names of parishioners who have experienced some illness and we are invited to pray for them. I think this is a beautiful thing, and invites us to a sense of community, support, and solidarity with our brothers and sisters who are ill and may feel isolated or alone. 

At the same time, our list continues to grow and we often do not know if the person is now well or if they continue to need our special prayer. I think it is time to refresh our list and our practice of publishing these names.

Beginning with the New Year, January, 2019, I suggest the following practice:

1. If you wish your name or the name of your loved one to remain on

the list, please call the office by December 14 and make that re-

quest. We are more than happy to put the name on the prayer list.

2. If we do not hear anything by December 14, the name will be re-

moved from the list.

3. Names will remain on the list for 2 months. If you wish your

name or the name of a loved one to remain on the list, simply call

the office and request it for another 2 months. We will be more

than happy to do this.

4. Please limit the names you submit to just a few and to members

of your family. 

I hope you understand that this in no way is meant to exclude anyone or suggest we should not pray for those who are in special need, but it is simply a way to make sure our list is current and fresh. Please take the opportunity to bring these people to the Lord when you pray. I know they will appreciate it.

Fr. Jeff