November 5-6, 2016

You may notice that our Sunday readings leading up to November 20th have taken on a different tone. The Church asks us to reflect more deeply upon the time that is allotted to each of us, especially in regard to the end times and the final judgment.

But even as nature enters into its winter rest, and we enjoy the extra hour of sleep as we enter into daylight savings time, the Spirit of God continues to stir our spirits. This Sunday the Spirit's stirrings are seen in the three people who are coming before us to begin a time of preparation as candidates and catechumens. As they enter more deeply into the truths of our faith, we are invited to walk with them. Their journey prompts us to give thanks for the gift of faith, and to pray that our faith deepens.

We will be hosting the annual interfaith Thanksgiving prayer service this year. It will be held on November 20th at 7:00 pm. Several Southfield congregations regularly join together to give thanks. Please come and join in this Thanksgiving. Choir members from these other congregations will be adding their voices to our choir to make a special sound of worship. Rev. Tim Larson from Peace Lutheran Church will speak at the service (and then he will host next year's service.)

The Archdiocesan Synod on Evangelization takes place from November 18-20th. All Catholics are asked to pray for the Spirit's guidance on the many people and the Archdioces has suggested this prayer:

"God our Father, you have called us to be witnesses to Jesus and have sent us on a mission to lead all people to encounter him. Send your Holy Spirit to enlighten our minds and enkindle our hearts, so that we may grow daily as your disciples. Empower us to face bravely the challenges of our time. Keep us close to you, together with Jesus your Son, Mary our Mother, and St. Anne our patroness, as we engage in Synod '16 to Unleash the Gospel. Transform us into a band of joyful missionary disciples, who will bring the message of Jesus' power and mercy to every person in Southeast Michigan. We ask this through Christ our Lord. AMEN."