November 7-8, 2015

You may have noticed our ushers during the last two weeks, walking the church aisles during mass. Our ushers were conducting the annual October mass count, a practice required by the Archdiocese (actually all dioceses). Our results may have been affected by the big Saturday football game two weeks ago, but by and large the count shows our attendance to vary somewhat over the last few years:

Year Average weekend attendance:
2015 556
2014 551
2013 591
2012 535
2011 545

Many factors go into the weekly attendance numbers, and they certainly don't reflect the number of registered parishioners. (Currently we have about 550 registered households.) All the same, this is a good opportunity to remind any of you who are not registered to do so. Forms are available in the gathering area.

Speaking of the gathering area, in the coming weeks you will see a new feature there. Near the statue of the Infant of Prague will be an information station. You will be able to find registration forms, handouts, or information on coming events. As we get more organized, we will need people to assist at the booth before and after masses.