October 20-21, 2018

I have several unrelated items to share with you this weekend. 

1) A few weeks ago we announced that with the resignation of our youth minister Joe Dallo that would be joining Our Lady of La Salette Parish Youth Ministry Program. Unfortunately that has not worked out. None of our students have been able to participate for various understandable reasons. Therefore I am inviting parents and junior and senior high aged youth to come to a meeting on Friday, October 26, 6:30 pm in the Duns Scotus room where we will discuss, over pizza, how we might move forward in providing some kind of ministry for your young people. Our numbers are relatively few which makes hiring a youth minster somewhat challenging, so we hope that the parents and students might have some ideas. 

2) In the next few weeks you can expect to see some improvements in the main entrance to the church. We have been studying the situation for some time, and things are finally falling into place. You may have already noticed that the bushes in the four “serpentine” flower bed areas have been removed; that area will be sodded to make lawn care easier. You have also probably noticed some new cement work around the center circle. Unfortunately, the cement has become uneven and there have been some minor accidents. We hope this will address that problem. The four “crescents” around the center circle will be filled in with brick that matches the main entrance to the church. Eventually, perhaps next spring, we hope to put some benches and planters in those areas. We have tried to grow flowers in the crescents, but the materials we use during the winter for ice and snow inhibit the growth of plants and flowers. At some point, we will install new lights along the entrance way. We will install a “waterscape” in the center circle, i.e., a rock and waterfall formation with grasses and lighting. Sometimes people who are new to our church are not sure where the entrance is. We will also be installing a sign over the front doors which says “Church of the Transfiguration.” Next spring we will spruce up the landscaping on the right and left of the main entrance. 

3) A new furnace is also being installed before the cold weather sets in. 

4) These projects will be financed primarily from the amount the parish received from the Archdiocesan campaign “Changing Lives Together,” with some help from our regular maintenance budget. (Of course, if anyone would like to help defray the cost of these improvements, we wouldn’t complain!) We try to be good stewards of the funds and property that have been entrusted to our care. We’re excited about these improvements! 

Fr. Jeff