October 31 - November 1, 2015

Both Fr. Jeremy and I really appreciated your affirmation this past weekend on Priesthood Sunday. Both of us enjoy our ministry at Transfiguration Parish, as well as the many opportunities we have to get to know you better. Let us keep each other in prayers that we all may more fully live out the vocation that God has given to each of us.

Speaking of vocations, this Sunday, November 1 begins National Vocations Week, an annual week-long celebration of the Catholic Church in the United States dedicated to promote vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and consecrated life through prayer and education, and to renew our prayers and support for those who are considering one of these particular vocations. I invite you to join us in prayer for vocations. Fr. Larry Zurek, OFM, a former pastor here, is our newly-appointed Franciscan vocation director. I know he and Fr. Luis appreciate your prayers during their first months on the job!

For some time I've thought it helpful to devote a weekend to reflect with you on our shared experience during our Sunday (and Saturday evening) Eucharist worship. The homily for next weekend will be focused on the importance of the Mass in our Catholic lives, and how we can continue to deepen our participation and awareness of this hour we give to God every week.