October 5-6, 2019

Parish Boundaries

As I am sure you know, every Diocese is subdivided in parishes, and everyone lives within some parish. But we sometimes joke about “Roaming Catholics” because people do attend parishes outside the area where they live for various reasons: for convenience, because of family or other relationships, sometimes because they had a fight with a parish minister, they don’t like the church building in their area, etc., but mostly because they like the style and spirit of a particular parish and have found a spiritual home. People can join and register in any parish they choose.  Here at Transfiguration we are happy to welcome anyone who wishes to be a member; we do, however, have parish boundaries, and we do have a pastoral obligation to people who live within our territory. 

Do you know the parish boundaries of Transfiguration? See if you can imagine this: On the north, we go from 12 Mile Road at Inkster, east to Telegraph, north to 13 Mile east to Everett. On the east, we go from Everett south to 11 Mile, 11 Mile east to Greenfield, Greenfield south to Dorset Ave. On the south, Dorset west as extended to Midway at Evergreen, Midway as extended west to Telegraph, Telegraph north of 9 Mile, 9 Mile west to Beech Road. One the west, Beech Road to 11 Mile, 11 Mile Road west to Inkster, Inkster north to 12 Mile Road. You can see the outline on the insert in today’s bulletin. 

Our parish encompasses 22 square miles, and includes Southfield and Lathrup Village. I googled and found that the 2019 population of Southfield was 71,739 and Lathrup Village was 4,075 for a total of 75,814. I could not find statistics for the Catholic population of Southfield/Lathrup Village and fully realize our county is large and diverse, a 2010 survey found 23.9% of Oakland County residents were Catholic. (The percentage of Catholics among USA citizens is 22%.) 

While the numbers will vary, and many struggle with Church and religious affiliation today, we could a have a potential of thousands of parishioners! But with all the people in these 22 square miles, last October we averaged 520 people at all 4 weekend masses; last November we averaged 467 people at all 4 weekend masses. We fully realize that life is complex, that not everyone is Catholic, and many already have another faith community, and that many Catholics may practice in other parishes. But - if you run across someone who might be looking for a spiritual home, tell them the Good News of Transfiguration! 

Fr. Jeff