What We Did During Lent 2/11/18

What my family did during Lent in Indonesia and Australia. 

· The Church will have a special project for that Lent. Example: there is a village that has no water source and people must walk miles to collect water. The money collected during Lent will go to that village to help them build a pipeline from the water source to the village. Every time we turn on the tap to wash our hands, to take a shower, to drink or flushing the toilet, we must donate money, example: 5 cents each time. 

· Every Wednesday and Friday starting with Ash Wednesday through Good Friday: No sugar or salt in our food and beverage, no meat, no fish and no snacks. 

· Give up something we like for the whole Lent season. The money saved from that action would be donated to a Church project. Example: the money saved from giving up chocolate during Lent would go the project. 

· No dining out unless in case of emergency and the money saved would go to the project. 

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What We Did During Lent 

We invite you to share in the bulletin special Lent practices of your family now or in the past. We are parishioners of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. We can be inspired by each other. 

Limit is about 200 words. 

Give or email to Fr. Jeremy your Lenten stories. 

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Fr. Jeremy