What We Did During Lent 3/25/2018

What We Did During Lent: Lasting Memories of Lent

Most members in my family abstained from candy during Lent. My share of the little candy we got I put in a cigar box and put it under my bed. Easter was a sweet time.

We girls (five or fewer) made the trek across the field to Duns Scotus on Saturdays. It was confession time and in Lent we made the way of the cross. The sisters at school had made sure we knew what we were doing. I realize now how much I liked the quiet church. 

But then there was the tennebrae. Many candles were lit and as the service continued one candle was snuffed out at intervals. The friars sang sad and beautifully at each interval. When the last candle was snuffed out, so were the electric lights. Immediately there was a loud clap of thunder (the friars had beat the bench with their books).  We were stunned. Jesus had died. 

The Tre Ore service on Friday was not to be missed. We girls took seats in the balcony where we could see everything. The pinnacle was the lamentations. Some friars stood near the alter, faced the congregation and in four voices, and with utter sorrow sang one verse after the other. I was transfixed each time. I still hear these voices in my mind each holy week. 


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What We Did During Lent 

A final contribution of “What We Did During Lent’ Series sponsored by Fr. Jeremy.  Thank You to all those who participated in our Lenten ‘What We Did During Lent’ Series. 

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