What We Did During Lent 3/4/18

Our Lent practice when I was a kid was partly to “behave ourselves better!” 

Other “requirements, requests” were like: 

  • Do a good deed each day, a kindness (especially if we didn’t want to do it.) 
  • Pray for someone who needs it (to help us recognize that others had troubles too.) 
  • Look around and see if there were helpful things we could do without being told to - sweep the floor, do dishes, be pleasant, don’t crab, help each other. I am the fifth of 10 kids, so there were many opportunities. Think what we could do better for the family or for ourselves. 

The following is a prayer I got at an 8th grade retreat:

O God, make me smart and make me strong - smart enough to know your will and strong enough to do it. It started me but it makes sense. 

Ann Sokalski 

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What We Did During Lent 

We invite you to share in the bulletin special Lent practices of your family now or in the past. We are parishioners of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. We can be inspired by each other. 

Limit is about 200 words.   Give or email to Fr. Jeremy your Lenten stories. 

[email protected] 

Fr. Jeremy