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Monday Morning Offering: 7/15

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Today, Lord, I offer you my thanks and praise
for all the gifts I've taken for granted...

Today, Lord, I offer you my contrition
for any harm I've done but failed to notice...

Today, Lord, I offer you my greatest needs,
not just the things and bling I want...

Today, Lord, I offer you a prayer for others,
especially those for whom I promised prayers...

Today, Lord, I offer you my time
to use as you see fit and for my neighbors' needs...

Today, Lord, I offer you that place in my heart
I need you to fill with your grace and peace...

Today, Lord, this is my morning prayer, 
today, Lord, and every night and day this week...


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Homily for July 14

My first Sunday at St. Joseph Parish, Belmont

Homily for the 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Scriptures for today's Mass

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Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 7/11

Whatever summer holds Lord,
I pray you'll spend it by my side:
on scorchers and on cool days:
walk with me, day by day...

Whatever summer asks of me,
I pray for strength to do it
for family, friends and neighbors
- for anyone in need...

Whatever I, this summer, hope
I pray I'll come to find it:
right where I am, in my own life,
in mind and heart and soul...

Whatever change this summer brings
I pray I might accept it
with grace and strength and trust in you,
in peace and with your help...

Whatever summer offers me,
I pray I'll welcome warmly:
the unexpected, simple, rare
- each gift your hand reveals...

Whatever joy this summer spares,
I pray I'll swim its rolling waves
and find within its healing warmth
a season of your love...

Whatever time this summer yields,
I pray I'll share with you, Lord:
in quiet moments, spent in prayer,
in peace and at your side...

Whatever summer holds Lord,
I pray you'll spend it by my side:
on scorchers and on cool days:
walk with me, day by day...



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Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 7/10

Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/9

Image source

You see all things, Lord:
nothing escapes your eye...

Nothing puzzles or bewilders you,
no matter how complex...

You understand all mysteries
far beyond my simple ken...

No problem is beyond your reach,
your wisdom pure and true...

So, would you let me in, Lord,
let me in on what you know?

Help me see with your own eyes
what's hidden from my sight?

Make simple what befuddles me,
resolve the things that baffle me?

Give me just enough of wisdom
for some peace of mind and heart?

That's my hope and my desire, Lord,
that's what I pray today...

Give me grace to find the peace I seek,
your presence in my soul...

Let me see and know and understand
your mystery in my life...



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Monday Morning Offering: Eleventh Anniversary!

Image: George Mendoza

July brings us to the eleventh anniversary of my Monday Morning Offerings.  When I wrote the first MMO, I had no intention of it being a series but the response to that post was very positive and... so it began.

To celebrate this anniversary I'm re-posting the first Monday Morning Offering and the illustration (below) that accompanied it.  After just a few weeks of MMO's, I adopted the illustration you've become familiar with (above) and I'm grateful to George Mendoza for his gracious permission to use his artwork (Coffee in the Morning) for more than a decade.  George lives with a rare, incurable, degenerative eye disease, fundis flavimaculatus. Effects of the disease caused him to loose all of his central vision and keep only a gray foggy fringe of peripheral vision. Check here for articles about George and his work.

Monday Morning Offering

O God,
it's Monday!

A new week stretches before me:
will you walk with me this week, Lord?

Slow me down before I go too fast
and give me strength to do well
the things I really need to accomplish...

Give me the wisdom to lay aside
the things I do not need,
the cares I need not carry,
the burdens I need not bear...

Amid the worries of this week, Lord,
calm my fears,
lift my spirits,
give me rest
- and keep me in today...

Open my eyes to any way
I might lighten the burdens of others
and give me the grace and courage to offer:
my hand, my arm, my shoulder;
my heart, my support, my comfort;
my smile, my story, my love...

Show me yourself this week, Lord:
open my ears to your voice,
my eyes to your beauty,
my heart to your mercy,
my mind to your counsel,
my weary limbs to your strength,
my mouth to give you praise...

A new week stretches before me, Lord:
help me to live it
a day at a time,
in your time,
in peace...


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