A Franciscan Parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit


The Discipleship Commission was initiated by the Pastoral Council in the Spring of 2010.  On Pentecost Sunday 2010, the first two members were chosen to lead the formation of this Commission. The responsibilities chartered by the Pastoral Council to Discipleship were:  “parish communication, church support, parishioner involvement, liaison with Parish Financial Council, evangelization, and orientation/integration of new parishioners into the life of the Parish.”

To date, we have coordinated with the other commissions Time and Talent Sunday and have organized the event “Taste of Transfiguration” which has turned into an annual event because of its popularity.  We are also focusing on an introduction/orientation program for new parishioners followed up by reviewing parish communications, transportation of incapacitated individuals to liturgical services and evangelization.  Our goal is to help as many parishioners as possible to become fully, active, and conscious participants in the life of the parish.

We meet monthly from September through June and welcome anyone interested to join us. New ideas are always welcome.