A Franciscan Parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit


Ushers greet people as they arrive, assist in seating them, and provided aid during Mass.  They conduct collections and direct the flow of communicants and worshipers in processions.  They provided information in the form of bulletins, booklets, and oral communications.  Ushers are scheduled on a rotating basis.  Training is provided.  The Ushers Club meets once a month in the Duns Scotus Meeting Room.

"Our goal is to facilitate the full and active participation in the Mass. Ushers are often considered to be the people who take up the collection. That is the most visible aspect of the duties of the usher, but not the most important. The primary role is to provide assistance as needed to the members of the congregation. That is why ushers wear ID badges, so that people know who to contact. The ushers also serve as greeters representing the community in welcoming parishioners and visitors."