A Franciscan Parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit

Vicariate Representative

The Archdiocesan Vicariate is a geographical area consisting of a grouping of parishes, Catholic Schools, Institutions and Agencies where support, pastoral planning and resources can be identified and shared for the benefit of the faithful within its boundaries.  The Archdiocese of Detroit has four stable regions, each containing four Vicariates.  Each region is cared for by a Regional Moderator, who is a local ordinary appointed by the Archbishop.

Church of the Transfiguration is part of the South Oakland Vicariate in the Northwest Region of the archdiocese. Bishop Arturo Cepeda serves as episcopal vicar and regional moderator for the Northwest Region.  Our Vicar is Fr. Paul Snyder (pastor of St. Mary in Royal Oak).  There are 25 parishes, ten (10) elementary schools and six (6) high schools in the South Oakland Vicariate. 

The roles of Vicariate Pastoral Council Members are: 

  • Attend the Vicariate Pastoral Council (VPC) meetings on a regular basis and actively participate.
  • Assure ongoing communication between the VPC and the parish council
  • Provide ongoing feedback to the vicariate council regarding the implementation of the Together in Faith pastoral plan and its progress/impact on the different communities
  • Participate actively upon request in standing and/or ad hoc committees of the Vicariate Pastoral Council

Transfiguration's Vicariate Pastoral Council representatives are Grace Bostic and Joseph Kariuki.  They attend both the Vicariate meetings and also serve on the Transfiguration's Pastoral Council.