A Franciscan Parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit


A Parish Finance Council is required in every parish and these statues are issued pursuant to canon 1281 of the Code of Canon Law.  An effective Parish Finance Council will find ways to always see its work and act in such a way that the pastoral good of the parish is furthered. 

The Parish Finance Council is an essential consultative body of the parish that "assists the pastor in the administration of the goods" of the parish.  In certain cases, the consultation or consent of the Parish Finance Council must be sought and received by the pastor before he can act validly.  In all cases, the work of the Parish Finance Council is to be seen as a necessary element of the pastor's responsibility to administer the material resources of the parish efficiently, transparently and productively.

Jon Fox serves as Chairman of Transfiguration's Finance Council and also participates in the monthly Pastoral Council meetings.