A Franciscan Parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit

Knights of Columbus

Duns Scotus Council 14928

Our Core Principles:  Charity, Unity, Fraternity, Patriotism

If you are a practicing Catholic man, age 18 or older, we welcome you to join the leading organization of Catholic laymen.

We are men of faith.  Guided not only by our belief in God and the Catholic Church, but by our belief in each other, and in ourselves.  Believing in that a man is defined by his actions as a follower of God, and as a leader in his community.  Believing that a man is more than simply a man, when he bears the title of "Knight"

If you'd like to be a part of an international organization of 1.8 million Catholic men whose principal work involves helping others in need, we'd like to meet you and invite you to join us.

It is through six key areas of service - faith, community, family, youth, fellowship and respect for life - that the Knights of Columbus truly makes a difference.

Today, we are looking for the next generation of Knights.  Men of character and conviction who are driven by both faith and conscience to do truly meaningful works.  And the rewards for members are numerous.

So join us in being part of an organization that fills your heart and your mind with the joy of giving to others and feeling that comes with making a difference.

The Duns Scotus Council meets on the first Wednesday at 7 p.m.  For more information, please contact Tom Bassett at 248-417-4570.