A Franciscan Parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit


April 25-26, 2015

The month of May is always busy around here. Next Saturday we host the annual "Taste of Transfiguration" supper. Dishes prepared by parishioners who represent a variety of cultures will be available for your dining pleasure. We have a surprise addition to the Taste this year as well. Come and see what it will be!

Two young members of Transfiguration Parish will receive their first communion next Sunday at the 10:00am mass. These May celebrations certainly brighten the parish and are a joy to witness. I hope that their moment of grace will be a time for all of us to renew our appreciation of the Eucharist. After the noon mass on the same day, the Legion of Mary will conduct a May Crowning ceremony in the parish prayer garden. I hope many of you will be able to stay for this.

Very soon you will be receiving a letter from me regarding the annual Catholic Service Appeal, also known as the CSA appeal. Every year the Archdiocese of Detroit seeks your support for its many ministries that require funding from us. Please read the letter and accompanying brochure carefully and prayerfully. Your gift to the CSA supports the work of all the parishes and other religious institutions which carry out the mission given by our Risen Lord.

Did you know that our parish web page is updated almost every day? If you missed one of our events, it is very likely that pictures or even video of that event are available for you on the web page. We have a brief meeting at the end of each week to improve our coverage of parish activities. Bookmark us and come back often!


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