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January 2020 archive of FROM THE DESK OF FR. JEFF

January 2020 archive of FROM THE DESK OF FR. JEFF

February 1-2, 2020

Posted by Sharon Myers on 1/27/20

Today a special feast replaces the 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time. Today we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord. Today’s Gospel tells the story. Forty days after the birth, the first born son was to be presented in the Temple. As Mary and Joseph fulfilled this ... Read More »

January 25-26, 2020

Posted by Sharon Myers on 1/21/20

Late last year, Pope Francis called for the 3rd Sundry of Ordinary time each year to be a Sunday devoted to appreciation of the Word of God, the Scriptures. The Scriptures are the way God reveals himself to us. St. Jerome, a noted biblical scholar, once said that “ignorance ... Read More »

January 18-19, 2020

Posted by Sharon Myers on 1/14/20

Last Sunday there was a flier in the bulletin outlining a guide for reflecting and praying here at Transfiguration in the coming months. We want to reflect more deeply on the gifts that God has given us as a community of faith. The main gift God has given us, ... Read More »

January 11-12, 2020

Posted by Sharon Myers on 1/07/20

With the feast of the Baptism of Jesus, we conclude the Christmas season and return to what is called “Ordinary” time. It is not called “Ordinary” because it is plain vanilla time, but because the Sundays are “ordered” or numbered. Next Sunday will be the 2nd Sunday of Ordinary ... Read More »

January 4-5, 2020

Posted by Sharon Myers on 1/02/20

It was bitter cold last year, but some very brave and committed parishioners joined in the annual Southfield Martin Luther King Peace Walk. We would like to participate again, to demonstrate our faith and commitment to equality and justice for all! The walk begins on Monday, January 20, at ... Read More »


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