A Franciscan Parish in the Archdiocese of Detroit


February 3-4, 2018

Last May, Fr. Bill Farris was elected by the friars to serve on our leadership team as our Province's Provincial Vicar. As Fr. Bill was beginning his service to the friars, I was ending my 18 years of Provincial administration/leadership - nine as Provincial Vicar and nine as Provincial Minister. The Province had already granted me a year's sabbatical (June 2017 to June 2018) to refresh and renew myself before going to another ministry. After going out of office, I did have some down time, and took a Franciscan renewal program in Assisi and spent some time studying Spanish in Guatemala. But with Fr Bill's election, the church of the Transfiguration was in need of a pastor. After prayer and discernment I - very happily! - offered to adjust my plans and shorten my sabbatical time so that I could come and be part of this faith community. Fr. Dennet agreed to serve as interim pastor to give me some time and space. I arrived here to begin the Advent season with you at the beginning of December.

I did have plans to take a Bible study program this coming spring offered by the school of theology where we send our students, Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. It involves taking a nine week online Scripture study course (three hours a week) and then spending three weeks studying Scripture in the Holy Land itself. Our Provincial leadership strongly encouraged me to keep those plans. Though it isn't an ideal way to begin a new ministry by being away for that amount of time, I will be participating in this program. Beginning the third week of February I will have to find three hours a week to take the online course as well as do some required reading. I know how I will spend my day off (Thursdays)! From April 29 to May 19, I will be in the Holy Land. Fr. Dennet has again graciously agreed to help cover masses while I am gone. I wanted to let you know of these plans now so you won't be too surprised when I am gone for that time. I hope this experience will bear fruit for me personally in my relationship with the Lord, and will also help me better understand the Scriptures and inform my preaching. 

Fr. Jeff 

What We Did During Lent 

We invite you to share in the bulletin special Lent practices of your family now or in the past. We are parishioners of different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. We can be inspired by each other. 

Limit is about 200 words. 

Give or email to Fr. Jeremy your Lenten stories:  [email protected] 

Fr. Jeremy


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